Wainscoting Is Done!

C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E!!!!! Another project we kicked some major tush on if I do say so myself. I’m loving how this turned out.

The blank wall in our living room and garage door entry always left something to be desired. To change that, I knew wainscoting would add the statement it was lacking. I loved the clean lines of the board and batten style wainscoting. Armed with the game plan, we went to work!

Another great idea my husband came up with was re-framing the window in the front of our living room.  Talk about a pop! It perfectly compliments the wainscoting and adds a seamless flow we wouldn’t have had if we didn’t redo the framing.

To start our project, we first started by framing out the walls for the wainscoting.

wainscoting-beginning-stagesNewly Framed Window



After the framing, came the caulking. At first we thought we may forgo the caulking, but in the end we’re really glad we decided to take this crucial extra step. The finished product wouldn’t have been nearly the same had we not.

With all the beginning leg work done, it was time to apply the Kilz primer followed by the paint (we paint matched the rest of our trim work). We went out on a limb and decided to spray it on.  Let me tell you, the spraying was more hassle than it was worth! We took all the precautions by taping plastic everywhere. However, paint still ended up on a few areas of carpet and some furniture. Lesson learned, we’ll brush/roll on paint in the future. A paint sprayer isn’t that practical on a finished home application.


Here’s the final product!

Here’s the entryway:



I loved how the wainscoting turned out in the living room as well, but paint from the last homeowner just wasn’t doing it for me. Since most of the main level is a greige color, I thought I’d go with a navy to add a much needed color statement. It was tough to find the perfect navy color (navy paint post coming soon!). We ended up picking Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore and I’m really happy how it turned out.

Living room BN (before navy):

Living room AN (after navy):


We still need to change the light fixture, install hardwood floors and make it a cozy sitting area with comfy chairs and decorating, but it’s well on it’s way!

As always, much more to come. Let us know what you think of our newest project in the comments below!


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