A Montgomery Mini Makeover

It’s the end of the week and I thought we could show you all a mini makeover that could inspire you to knock out an eyesore room of your home this weekend.

Last weekend I was visiting my sister and her husband who were having a housewarming party for the new home they purchased not long ago. There was one minor problem, their guest bedroom. It was electric blue with the queen bed shoved into a corner. Sometimes it just takes a can of paint and a little furniture placement creativity to transform a room.

Here’s the listing photo of what the bedroom looked like before. I have to say, this photo of the former owner’s tween room is much more endearing than the state it was when I arrived, which was a lone queen bed shoved into a corner with a brown down comforter on it.

Willams Bedroom

We set out with a couple of simple changes in mind that all had to be done in an afternoon/night before their party the next day. We picked out new bedding, curtains and a paint color.

I had no idea my sister had NEVER painted a room in her life. Wow! With my love for painting and room makeovers, I had to teach her this life skill. We worked hard and late, but ended up getting it all painting and set up before the party.

Here’s a couple of pics of the finished mini project.

willams bedroom 3

A couple of my favorites are the polka-dot pillow cases and vintage shutters hung on either side of the bed.

willams bedroom2

Don’t be intimidated to do a mini update. It takes some time and creativity, but makes a big impact. Leave comments on what you think of the makeover and share any mini makeovers you’ve done recently!


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